Writing Prompts

So I’m doing a writing prompt series. I hope you guys enjoy. This is the first post in the series. They are so random so don’t take them too seriously.

Prompt Uno: Imagine the life of a stray dog or cat and write about it.


Side mission. A black cat under the yellow street light late at night in an alley. Side mission. I’m already so busy with my main story and I’m on a deadline but again… side mission. There is a light snow falling and I’m heading home but the sight calls out to me. Freaking side mission. This cat wants something from me. This cat needs something from me, obviously. Or it wouldn’t be beneath this light so late at night, right? I have no choice but to ask it this question. ‘What? What do you want from me?’ Which of course he will reply to with something like, ‘Well there’s a guy and I need you to investigate him. He lives on North hill.’ Okay, that’s great cat but I live here, on south hill. So that’s kind of a mission. A side mission to be exact. ‘Well I’ll pay you 5000¥.’ Oh yeah, I would love to do it for $5 dollars USD. No choice but to so I’ll traverse on to take care of the guy. This stray cat living under a light in an alley on a cold night like this. The snow blowing. He must be freezing. I think I’ll take his mission and bring him with me. When is the last time he’s eaten or been bathed? Does he belong to someone? More importantly, why does he talk?


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